Monday, February 13, 2012

Custom Bookshelf and Storage Bench

I just wanted to share this project that my brother-in-law and my husband have been working on for our home, because it's all done! I've always wanted a custom bookcase and storage bench for our hallway. We have a little recesesed nook, and since we have no garage and no basement, we need all the storage our tiny house can get. We have an attic, but we can't get anything up there because the entrance is in our closet...above a shelf.  Awesome planning right there.  Anyways, here's the reveal of the final project, all assembled and painted:

View from the living room looking towards the kitchen/master bedroom.

View from the kitchen looking towards the front of the house.

Indy had to make his way into every shot.

View from the nursery looking at the bookshelf - It can hold a LOT of stuff!

Another view from the nursery looking into the hallway.

I'm so excited to have this project all completed before the iminent arrival of our little one. A HUGE thank you to my brother-in-law for being the builder and his family for putting up with us taking over their garage space for months. For the painting, I used Kilz latex primer and then put on three coats of Behr Ultra Paint and Primer in One in Ultra Pure White with a Satin finish. Yes that's right, three coats. It's a lot easier to paint something a color than to paint raw wood white! I'm so glad we have so much extra storage now! That storage bench will really come in handy with all the toys that will quickly multiply...