Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Help Me Pack!

So, I've recently discovered the website Beso.com - where you can curate shopping collections for yourself and others. It's the perfect way to organize what we'll need to bring on our trip to Seattle in June. It's kind of like Pinterest where you can view all your items, except it searches the internet for the cheapest prices and best deals! You can view my full collection of items here. But I'm having a little trouble coming up with a full list. Here's a few things I have so far:

I'll need a good rain jacket.
I like this one from Michael Kors:

But at $118, it might be a little pricey. I also like this one from LL Bean that's a little cheaper at $99:

I'll also need to get a rain jacket for the little guy - he has a really cute plaid one right now that I LOVE, but he'll grow out of it by June :(. He's also walking more and more which means he needs more shoes. Have you seen the Skidders? Judah has a pair of Thomas the Train ones that are pretty cute, and I love the cleat-like grippers on the bottom. Plus the soft soles make it easy for him to walk. He's not so much a fan of hard-soled shoes yet.

They're not too badly priced either at $12.95. I always have to laugh when I see $40 toddler shoes knowing they're going to grow out of them in a month. Babies require a lot of stuff to travel, so I'm thinking of not bringing our giant Chicco stroller, and instead either borrowing an umbrella stroller or getting one like this:

At 45% off it's only $60, and I know we'd use it again. Plus, we can just gate-check it. And of course, the main reason we're going to Seattle is to see my sister graduate from High School! This gives me a major case of the "olds" - but I'll need something nice to wear to the graduation. Here are some options I like:



Thoughts? What do I need to pack for 5 days for a Trip to Seattle in June? With a toddler?!


Samantha Moore said...

Hi Amanda!
I work at Beso and found your wonderful collection through Little Green Notebook! I hope you had fun shopping our site - love your blog!
xx Beso

Amanda said...

I'm glad you like it - thanks for stopping by!