Friday, July 8, 2011

On the Menu: Best Grilled Cheese Ever

Original Recipe Source - Jana Laurene
This original idea was found in Pinterest. Which, if you haven't signed up for yet, what are you waiting for? Anyways, last night I made a panini (instead of an actual grilled cheese) with the idea above. It was one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. Here's what I used:

Italian Peasant Bread (Couldn't find any sourdough)
Avocado - Mashed
Thinly sliced pink lady apples
2 Bacon slices, fully cooked
Pepperjack cheese, sliced
Dijon Mustard

• Preheat your panini press or you can always just use a George Forman Grill as well. Set to medium heat.
• Spread dijon mustard on both sides of your Italian or Sourdough Bread.
• Spread a little mashed avocado on both sides of the bread after that.
• Layer on however many apple slices, slices of bacon, and pepperjack cheese your bread can handle.
• Grill your panini in your press for a few minutes until your cheese is melted.
• Enjoy!

Here's my not-so-lovely photo with my extra apple slices on the side. But seriously, DELICIOUS! Makes a wonderful fresh summer panini.

On a side note - sorry about the light blogging lately. We're still trying to get back into a routine from after the trip and the long holiday weekends. BUT, I've got an exciting DIY project I hope to share with you in the next couple of weeks. Until then, à bientôt!

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