Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hormones Are Crazy

Shows I've Cried At While Watching Recently:

• How Do I Look - you know, that show on the Style Network. . .
• Modern Family - because that show is just so touching
• Chopped - a show on the Food Network where they send a chef home after each round. I guess I just felt really bad for the chef they let go
• Wilfred - a show about a pot smoking dude in a dog costume. What is WRONG with me? I guess Elijah Wood's face is just so earnest it brought me to tears.

Seriously, pregnancy has done some crazy things to my body that I would have never expected. I thought there's no way I would be the one getting sick every morning, crying over reality television...but alas, I have no control! I hope my sob stories can entertain you at least until I have the time to publish something good.

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