Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby Updates

Hey! I feel so much better! I just can't believe....oh no...wait a minute...nevermind. I was just kidding. I still feel like crap. I figured by now at almost 14 weeks that I would start to get my energy back and not spend my mornings leaning over the porcelain god. But alas, I had a couple weeks in there from about 10-12 where I was feeling so much better, but today I especially feel like I've taken two giant leaps back. Ugh! I'm trying to be grateful knowing it means a healthy pregnancy, but it's hard.

In other news, in order to avoid bombing my friends' facebook feeds, I will be doing all the baby updates on this blog. So if you're curious, check here if you really want to know. I'm trying to avoid ending up on this site.

In other news, I can no longer button my cute size 4 express skinny jeans. Does that mean I'm not wearing them? Heck no! They are now being held up by a lovely hair band around the button, ninja-style! I'm not really showing that much, but I did get to hear this little gem from my husband the other night..

"I can see the bottom of your bellybutton. I feel like I don't even know you."

Guess it will soon lose it's normal cave-like structure completely pretty soon.

6 weeks

12 weeks - I'm not annoyed, I just have the inability to look natural.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you're showing as much as me and I'm not pregnant...Love you, Mom A.K.A Grandma in waiting.