Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On The Menu: Easy Blackened Chicken Alfredo

This is the quickest, easiest recipe for blackened chicken fettucine alfredo. And honestly, I think it's better than some I've had at restaurants. You also get to use your cast iron skillet for this! This recipe makes about two servings.

You'll need:
• 2 small boneless chicken breasts or 1 large chicken breast
• About a tablespoon of melted butter
• Cajun seasoning (I used McCormick's Perfect Pinch Cajun)
• Enough fettucine for two people (I always just eyeball it)
• Canned pre-made alfredo sauce (we like Classico or Newman's Own)

*Cast Iron Skillet or oven-safe skillet
*Cooking/Pastry Brush
* Meat tenderizer or rubber mallet
You can get fancy and make your own alfredo sauce, but that would take the "quick" part out of this recipe.

1. Preheat your oven to 350° F. Get your water boiling for your pasta, and heat your cast iron skillet over medium-high heat.
2. Place your chicken breast(s) between two pieces of wax or parchment paper and pound with a rubber mallet or meat tenderizer until your meat is only about 1/4" thick.
3. Brush the melted butter on one side of the chicken and coat with cajun seasoning.
4. If your water is boiling, I would throw in your pasta, because it will actually take longer to cook than your chicken, since it's so thin.
5. While pasta is cooking, place your chicken seasoned-side down in your skillet and sear for 45-60 seconds. While the seasoned side is cooking, brush the remaining butter on the chicken and coat the other side with seasoning. Flip your chicken and sear again for 45-60 seconds.
6. Transfer your skillet to the oven and bake chicken for 5 minutes. I know this seems like it wouldn't be long enough, but it is! Be careful with those cast iron skillets because they get so hot so quickly. I've burned myself a couple of times on mine.
7. After five minutes, take your chicken out and let rest. Drain your pasta and toss with premade alfredo sauce over low heat. Cut chicken into strips and place on top of your pasta and enjoy! This would go well with garlic bread and a salad, but the pasta and chicken is so filling, I normally don't need a side.

The chicken should be cooked through but still juicy!

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