Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 2014 Golden Tote Review,/

I cannot tell you how infatuated I am with Golden Tote. It's the clothing subscription service that lets you pick out 1-2 items at a set price point, and they surprise you with the rest. Their sales launch on the first Monday of the month, and you get a choice between a $49 tote (up to a $250 value) or a $149 tote (up to a $600 value).  And of course, all your items come in a tote bag - I use mine for grocery shopping! If you choose the $49, you get to pick out one item, and they'll send you 1-2 more. This is the option I chose in April, since I just wanted to test out the service. I received a tunic dress, a top, and a bralette.

This time around I wanted to do the $149 option, where I got to pick out 2 items, and Golden Tote would send me 4-5 more based on my style profile. Luckily I sold a few Etsy orders to make this happen. My Etsy shop has been funding my clothing addiction! But, I'm so glad I went with the $149 this time, because out of the 6 items I received, I LOVED 5 of them, and liked one.
Here were my picks. The Resort Maxi in Cobalt Blue ($50 in the boutique):

The Whisked Away Dress in Navy ($70 in the boutique):

So you can see the two items I picked already come in at $120. That means the rest of my 4 items average about $7.50 a piece! Here are the items Golden Tote surprised me with. This Fantastic Fawn Dress (with pockets!):


Next were the Puella Printed Slouchy Pants and Black Esley Basic Tank. I wasn't too sure when I saw these pants, but they are THE most comfortable pants I own. It feels like wearing pajamas, and I love that I would never pick them out myself:

Sequence of events: "Judah, don't take your mower in the sand box. Great, now there's sand on my shirt. Oh well, I can't stay mad at that face."
And last was this Porridge Swing Tee in a nautical print. It's the only one I'm not in love with. Luckily, there's a Golden Tote Trading Group on Facebook. Since Golden Tote is an all or nothing deal (you can't return/exchange individual pieces), you can go on Facebook and trade with your fellow Golden Tote addicts.

Have you tried Golden Tote or a similar subscription clothing service? I'd love to hear about what you got!

*I bought this tote myself, but this post does contain referral links.

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