Thursday, June 26, 2014

DIY Craft: Faux Copper Patina Jars

I love the look of copper patina. If I was rich I would have a big ol' hammered copper apron sink in my kitchen complete with copper pots and pans and other French-Country inspired d├ęcor. Alas, I am not rich. But when I saw this idea on pinterest, I knew it was something I could easily recreate.

The only things I used to create these were a pair of glass Ball Mason Jars, Matte Spray Paint, and Copper Acrylic Craft Paint. Luckily I had a great blue-green matte spray paint left over from another project. The brand is Krylon and the color is Catalina Mist. I love that it dries in 10 minutes.

I started out spray painting my jars and letting them sit overnight. I then went over the top with copper acrylic paint, making it thick and covered at the top and randomly brushing down the sides. I tried to "age" the copper with a wet sponge brush throughout, and near the bottom. I'm trying to think what I could do to give it a more natural aged feel. I might try sanding off some of the copper paint, but I'm not sure if the spray paint will come off with it.

In any case, it was a pretty way to add a little faux copper into my life. Now these pretty jars are holding my makeup brushes in my bathroom.

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