Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kitchen Painted

I am so happy to report that the contractors finished fixing up our kitchen on Friday. The dogs are happy that a lot of strangers aren't coming to their house every day, and I'm happy not to be cleaning dust off of every surface in the house. The lovely workers from White Star Construction took our kitchen from disaster area:

Crater above the laundry room. Notice the light fixture is still hanging on...

Tree branches on the floor...

To livable kitchen (in Martha Stewart Schoolhouse Slate):

Look at that pretty new ceiling!

No tree branches or holes in the ceiling now!
The rest of the fix-ups for the kitchen will be DIY.  Scott and I discussed getting butcherblock countertops to match the kitchen island. We can get the Numerar 1.5" thick butcherblock from Ikea for under $250 for the whole kitchen. Maybe with an undermounted sink and some new hardware for the cabinets, this can look like a whole new kitchen!  I'm also seriously considering removing the mismatched doors from the line of cabinets above the sink and painting the insides the same color as the base of the island for an open shelving look.  I don't know what I'd like to do for the backsplash yet, but I wouldn't cry to see those ugly square beige tiles go. 

My kitchen inspiration comes from the blog This & That. I love everything from the beadboard backsplash to the butcherblock countertops to the brick flooring. And they redid this entire kitchen for under $2000!  Amazing! I envy their DIY ability.  Head on over to This & That to check out her entire kitchen redo process.

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