Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Decorations Part Deux

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Alright, I think I'm done with my fall decorating. There's no real theme, just lots of projects I thought would be fun. I've shown you previously my candy corn wreath, spooky bunting and leaf inital for the front door. Other than that:

1. I moved in a small black cabinet that needs to be repainted underneath our mirror and will use it for holiday displays for the next month until I can repaint. On top is a cluster of mosaic candle holders in fall colors and the remainders of the candy corn.

2. How pretty are these giant fall nested glass leaves I got from Marshalls? They're irridescent, heavy-duty glass and I got all three in a bundle for $16.99. Plus they already matched my decor. I also got the glittery pumpkin and reed diffuser at Marshalls as well. I've displayed them on our never-used dining room table and the coffee table.

3. I didn't go crazy outside, just a couple of white pumpkins with the same leaves on top I used to make our "R" leaf initial. I can never find good white pumpkins, so I just bought these and painted them white.

We also have a little halloween countdown on our chalkboard in the kitchen. Is it just me, or does anyone else get a little sad when the decorating is over? Now that I have no more fall projects I kind of want to start decorating for winter.  One season at a time...I know.

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