Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Decorations 2012 - Part One

I hope you all are enjoying your fall. Other than a bout with a nasty stomach bug over the weekend, my fall has been going well so far! My football team is undefeated (so far), and the weather has been so nice, and I've actually gotten a lot of craft projects done. I got to do my fall leaf initial for the front door, and my chalkboard for the kitchen, and recently, I've completed this Candy Corn Wreath and "Spooky" muslin bunting.

The wreath was originally a project found on Women's Day and is made of a foam wreath, black electrical tape, candy corn and hot glue. A cheap and easy project - and a tasty one. I admit I ate quite a few in the process. For the original tutorial, go here.

The bunting was just made from some old muslin I had laying around and fabric pens. I used a paper template to make all of the triangles the same size and strung them together with elastic cording. I'm sure someone could do this much prettier, but it works for me.

And from the other side. You can see the mess in our guest room/soon to be nursery.
Close up of the candy corn. It's one of those treats you either love or hate!
I hope you all are getting some of your fall projects completed! Of course the biggest project we have coming up is the nursery. I'm ready to get started on it, and I can tell I'm nesting already.  Happy fall!

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