Tuesday, January 3, 2012

32 Weeks

It's not weight I've gained...I prefer to think of it as mass (Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia would agree). I'm generally feeling pretty good other than the general complaints of having to roll out of bed in the morning like a manatee.

In other exciting news, my giant Christmas Amaryllis finally opened up...a few days late.  But that's okay, because it's still pretty, and I'm always excited when I can actually make something grow. I planted this bulb in late November and it finally bloomed over the weekend:

Although I'm going to need to find a new spot for it because now we can't get into our cupboards above the microwave. Each shoot has four blooms on it, and only one of the shoots has opened. It's going to be pretty impressive when all 8 have opened. The color is so vibrant - makes me happy!

Finally, in the last bit of exciting news, since I got such great feedback on my foxes I did for the nursery, I did another set for sale in my etsy shop, along with a few other cute animal illustrations. So feel free to hop on over to my etsy shop or click the button on my sidebar to view and purchase!

PS - these come matted and framed - a great deal!

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