Monday, January 30, 2012

36 Weeks & Nursery Update

I should just call this "Watch my face get fatter."  And moving on...

We are almost completely done with the nursery. It's definitely ready for a baby, there are just a few decorative things I would still like to do, like finish and hang the mobile I've been working on, hang up some picture memory boards, etc. But other than that, the essentials are done. All the baby bedding and clothes have been washed, folded, and organized. And we finally have a dresser/cube storage thanks to my parents who were in town this weekend. A big thank you to them for helping us put stuff together!

Just one of those bins holds all the extra onesies. I found the lamp and shade at Target that is literally the exact same color as the wall.
We were finally able to wash our fitted sheets and put them on the mattress. You can see some picture boards on the floor that we still need to hang.

The thermal curtains we went with. They'll keep the room nice and dark and cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

There's the hamper we got from my shower from my co-workers. It works so well in the room!

The view from the hallway into the nursery.

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Audrey said...

The Nursery looks so cute and your face is not fat! You're glowing!