Thursday, March 20, 2014

Golden Tote March 2014 Review

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Yes, two blog posts in one month?! I'm out of control! In the ongoing effort to improve my 30-year old wardrobe, I decided to try Golden Tote in addition to Stitch Fix. Golden Tote is different than Stitch Fix in that you pick one of two price points: $49 or $149. For $49, you pick one item, and Golden Tote surprises you with 1-2 more items. For the $149 tote, you pick 2 items, and Golden Tote adds 5-6 more (up to a $600 value). And of course the clothes come packaged oh-so-cutely in a reusable Golden Tote Bag (you can never have too many totes floating around).

For my first experience, I went with the $49 tote, that way I wasn't out too much if I didn't like the other items Golden Tote added for me. The item I picked out was the Retro Chic Jersey Tunic (the one I picked is coral and navy as opposed to the teal version below):

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You can buy this in their boutique as an add on item for $30, but it retails elsewhere online for $49.99 - basically the price of my entire tote. The two items that were added for me included this pretty Poridge Duck Tee (sold at Anthropologie for $30):

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 And this lace bralette found at ModCloth for $20 (Mine was a pretty light blue, not the color pictured):

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So all totaled, the value of my tote was about $100 - well worth the $49 plus shipping that I paid. The duck tee is super soft and has a plain gray front. I was a little disappointed to see a lace bralette in my tote, but when I tried it on, it was SO pretty and will look very feminine under some of my lower cut tops. Overall I am very happy with the quality and the style of the items from Golden Tote. I would love to do the $149 next time, but will probably have to sell a few more watercolors so I can afford it!

If you want to try Golden Tote, their sales start the first Monday of every month, and you have to hurry because items sell out quickly!

*This post contains referral links. I paid for this Golden Tote myself, and the opinions in this post are entirely my own.

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