Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DIY Craft: Tiered Cupcake or Dessert Stands

This is a craft I've wanted to share forever but couldn't because they were Christmas gifts, and I didn't want to spoil all the surprises!  The link to the original tutorial is here at Givers Log.  If you're following along the tutorial in the link you will need:

• A Drawer Pull - Hobby Lobby was a good resource for me, of course
• A Hollow Candlestick or pieces of candlesticks with a hole through the center
• A few melamine or ceramic plates you think look good together with your drawer pull.  I used melamine plates from Target.
• A drill and different sized bits.
• An allthread that matches the size of your drawer pull.
• Paint and Primer (Optional)

I'll be darned if I could find a single candlestick that was hollow all the way through. I probably unscrewed every brass candlestick at the large antique store downtown, but I had no luck.  So all I used was the plates, a candlestick where the base unscrewed, a drawer pull, the drill, and paint.  You can leave your candlestick the metal color, but I wanted them to look a little bit more modern, so I spray painted all my candlesticks either white or red.

Instead of using the allthread, I had Scott drill holes in all the base plates so that I could just screw the candle back together with the plate in between.  Then Scott drilled a hole for the drawer pull in the top plate and I just hot glued it directly to the top of the candlestick. 

It defeats the purpose of having the tiers be interchangeable, but if anyone finds candlesticks that are hollow all the way through the bottom - send them my way!  I made four of these cupcake/dessert stands.  I like how they're all different.  Enjoy this craft and let me know if you find any good hollow candlesticks for this project and where the heck you found them!


Marylou said...

Great Idea! Great Gift! Keep up the great work! Marylou, Sebring, Florida

Taylor Renee said...

LOVE it! I'm going to have to give this an attempt I think!!