Friday, September 24, 2010

Music Mixes

I grew up in a very musical family and music is one of my great loves.  I love to make theme cd mixes - for cooking, for driving, seasonal, etc. So as I was dancing around singing and cooking last night (I'm bored easily and need the music as a distratction), I realized I need some new artists to listen to.  I don't listen to the radio much and count on iTunes to keep me informed of new things.  Feel free to throw suggestions my way.  Who do you love right now?  I'm the most eclectic person on the planet, so I'm open to anything! Here are some of my favorites (new and old!):

To Rock Out:
1. Coheed and Cambria.  They are my favorite band.  I am a closet rocker chick - you wouldn't know by looking at me.  Coheed's music is dark and epic.  Full of a ton of instrumentals and the most amazing lyrics you will ever hear.  If you want to download a few of their songs, I recommend (to name a small few):
• Welcome Home
• In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth
• No World for Tomorrow
• Here We Are Juggernaut
• A Favor House Atlantic

2. Jimmy Eat World.  Not really as epic as Coheed, but still one of my all-time favorites. I think Jimmy is a little more accessible to a wider audience.  This is my one of my favorite band to sing along with.  Some of my favs are:
• Futures
• Night Drive
• Dizzy
• Chase This Light
• The Sweetness
• 23

Folksy Music
1. Is it weird my two favorite categories of music are hard rock and folk?  No?  Ok then.  Joni Mitchell. You can't go wrong with her. Download:
• Both Sides Now (the acoustic version)
• A Case of You - One of my favorite songs. Ever.

2. Jewel - She's gone country, but her Pieces of You album is how I'll always think of her.  Her best ones:
• Painters
• Angel Standing By
• Please Don't Say I Love You
• Foolish Games

2. Joshua Radin - For obvious reasons when you hear him sing. Plus I love that his harmony is a female singer.  To get a taste download:
• Sundrenched World
• What if You
• Star Mile

Current Favs By Song and Artist 
1. The Black Keys: Sinister Kid.  This blues song would be perfect for the ending credits to True Blood.
2. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys: Empire State of Mind. It's been playing on repeat in my head since Glee.
2. Band of Horses: Is There a Ghost?  This band is a good band to drive to.
4. NeedtoBreathe: More Time
5. Flogging Molly: If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Enjoy the weekend.  Hopefully you discover some great new music out there.  I plan on it!

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