Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's that time of year

That's right. You've seen it in all the stores: The swimsuit section. Now we all get to regret the comfort foods of winter (the 60 or so cups of hot chocolate I drank for 5 months) and marvel at our pasty-whiteness. Isn't trying on swimsuits fun?! I sure feel dead sexy in that dressing room when I can see every blue vein through my dry, white winter skin.

Anyways, on a less depressing note, there are a ton of cute one-piece swimsuits out now, and I'm loving the trend of the retro-inspired suit like these:

From ModCloth.com - retails for $90

A cheaper alternative from Target by Merona for $35

Yes, it's a swimsuit, and hides all those things we like to hide and shows all the things we like to show.
From Newport-News.com, retails for around $70.

Another one from Newport-News.com for $70.

I love the sweet little ruffle on this one from Urban Outfitters for $90.
My friend in the fashion industry explained to me why swimsuits are so freakin expensive. It's for the same reason lingerie is expensive. Fit is everything. Although there's not much fabric, swimsuits and lingerie take the most amount of labor to produce - thus the exhorbitant price tags for that strip of fabric.

Unfortunately for me, it's extremely hard to find one-piece swimsuits that fit. I have a ridiculously long torso. I was 23" long when I was born (cue me kicking my mom in the throat for nine months), and it's all torso, baby.  So if anyone finds a cute swimsuit for a freak of nature like me, be sure to pass it along. Although I did purchase one suit this year: A plain black triangle two-piece. Gosh, I am exciting...

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