Friday, April 1, 2011

Distressed Painted Dining Table

I finally found some time last weekend to get to painting the "dining room" table. I put that in quotes because we don't really have a dining room.  Anyways, my plan was to paint the table a bright color, but once I started priming, I liked the look of just white. So I decided I was going to do a white table with a more rustic/distressed/vintage look.  Here's what I did:

Here's the original table. I sanded the whole thing with a fine grain sanding block to remove some of the shiny poly finish.  Here's a closeup of the tabletop before:

 Then I added one coat of Kilz Latex Primer in white:

When the primer was dry, I sanded a little bit more before applying two coats of white semi-gloss Behr latex paint. Once that was dry, I went around the edges and sanded off the paint so I could see the wood underneath. The trick to distressing is to focus on the areas that would naturally get the most wear and tear like the legs and any sharp edges. Click on any of the images below to enlarge.

I also rubbed some old english scratch oil for dark woods into some of the sanded crevices to darken them and to seal the paint. I realize this looks is pretty country, but I love pairing something that's rustic with something really glam or modern. I would love to get these clear lucite chairs to go with the table:

But seeing how these chairs are a little out of my price range (I'm not spending $600 on chairs), I'll have to stick with my lovely outdoor folding chairs until a better option comes along:

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and manage to get some projects done!

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