Friday, April 29, 2011


I had to share this funny tidbit I saw online earlier today.  With all the hoopla about Kate and William's wedding today, I happened to stumble across THIS on the interwebz.   Apparently the famous Abbey Road in London where the Beatles shot their iconic album cover has a live webcam!  You can watch tourists try and recreate it over and over and over....

I watched for about 15 minutes today and saw no less than three groups of people try and take this shot. What's even better? This is a busy thoroughfare, so you can watch them all run out of the way every time a car approaches. It's strangely hypnotic and a fun thing to watch on your Friday afternoon.

You know what other tradition I would like to bring over to America from the Brits? CRAZY HATS!
Have a happy weekend!

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Audrey said...

This is great, I shared it on Facebook, it is fun to watch them try to recreate it!