Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY Craft: Framed Chalkboard

I doubt the internet needs another chalkboard how-to blog post, but I had been wanting a chalkboard for our kitchen for a while. We had our big de-cluttering the house weekend recently. And aside from finding lots of nostalgia (reminding us why we don't de-clutter very often - too much fun stuff to find) like the dog hoodie we bought for our dog a few years back, I also found some fun crafting supplies.

This is why we can't get things done. Why take things to the Goodwill when you can have fun playing with all of the stuff you find?!

In our mess I found some really ugly gold frames that had held paintings I made back in high school. I spray painted both frames with a Rustoleum American Accents antique white. I figured I could use one for the chalkboard and the other for a baby nursery project. I went to Home Depot to purchase plywood (about $5 - they cut it to size for me for free), chalkboard paint (about $9), Gorilla Woodglue (about $5) and picture hangers ($3), since the frame had no hangers on it.

I primed my piece of plywood (cut 16" x 20" to fit in my frame) with Kilz white latex primer. Then I painted it with three coats of Rustoleum chalkboard paint using a foam roller. That stuff dries fast, so watch it! I used wood glue to glue the piece of plywood directly into the frame (this part is messy), but I had to let it dry overnight. I then hammered on the picture hangers, threaded some ribbon through the hangers, and wa-la! Finally I have my own chalkboard for the kitchen.

I think that's the first time the bathroom has ever graced this blog.

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