Friday, January 7, 2011

DIY Craft: Morovian Star

Image Via Design Sponge

I'm a sucker for a good paper craft, and when I saw this Morovian Star on Design*Sponge a couple of days ago, I got really excited.  I will say, it's not the easiest paper craft I've ever done, but it's definitely one of the prettiest, and the colors aren't season specific.  It would be pretty to do these in a bunch of scrapbook papers and have a ton of them hanging from the ceiling.

You can get the link to the template here:  Template and you can get written instructions HERE.

The first page is the template for all of the points, and the second page is the core.  The solid lines are cut lines and the dotted are fold lines.  The little flaps are meant to be glued.  I used elmers, but I'm sure there's an easier way.  There's really no easy way to do the core because it will eventually be a solid round piece and it's hard to glue that last flap.  Here's mine:

Yes, it was taken with my phone.  I got elmers glue on everything.  One tip:  Score all your folds lightly with an exacto knife before making them!  This one took me a couple lunch breaks over about three days to do.  A fun weekend project to do indoors while it's cold and snowy outside.  Enjoy!


Michelle said...

I love this! I might have to try it myself! I live in Kansas City, too :)

Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

Christoph Schindler said...

Amanda, it makes us very happy to discover that someone is using our kit!