Monday, January 31, 2011

Keeping the Sanity

Yes, they're predicting a foot of snow for the Kansas City area tomorrow and blizzard-like conditions.  I'm so over winter.  I've decided whenever I'm fed up with the weather, I'm just going to throw up the Frank Martin picture, and he will tell you exactly how I feel:

Anyways, I've decided to share some things with you that are getting me through these long winter months, but I better hurry before the yetis come down from the hills to feast...

1. Shameless on Showtime. Scott and I got Showtime for the sole purpose of watching "Dexter" - which I will venture to say is the best show on television.  But of course we found out Showtime has a lot of good shows - Weeds, Californication, and this newest revival of a British show - Shameless.  It's hilarious, and makes me feel like a billionaire while reminding me things could always be worse.

2. Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate K-Cups.  My Keurig I got from my dad for Christmas has been amazing, and I've used it almost every day.  I don't drink very much coffee, so I love these hot chocolate cups.  And, while searching for this image, I found out Cafe Escapes makes Chai Latte K-Cups.  I must find these immediately!  Plus, is there anything better on a snowy day than sitting inside with hot chocolate (probably watching Showtime)?!

3. GapBody Fleece-lined Yoga Pants. I got these pants from my mom for Christmas (in gray).  I've worn them every weekend day since.  They are so comfortable.  I get home Friday after work, the yoga pants come on and stay on until Monday Morning when it's time to go back to work. 

4. Art projects.  The applications for the Kansas City Plaza Art Fair open tomorrow, so I better get crackin!  This is the first year I've considered participating, but it's quite the big deal here in the fall.  Hopefully it will be a good chance for me to finally get some of my paintings out there, and being stuck inside motivates me to work on them.

What gets you through these cold days and long winter nights?

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