Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Did It!

© Arnaud Frich
We're definitely going to Paris!  We've decided to go in June, and I can not wait!  Instead of a hotel, we're doing an apartment rental in Montemarte through the lovely people over at Haven In Paris.  I love the fact that we're staying in a quiet area, and that it will feel like we're actually living there for a week.  Here are some wonderful photos of the small studio apartment we'll be staying in:

Of course we went with the most affordable rental they had, but it had nothing but amazing, glowing reviews.  If you want to go wild, they have beautiful 5 Bedroom rentals for up to 7000 Euro a Week.  I'd say that's slightly out of our price range :).  I don't even know what I'm most excited for:

Whether it's seeing the Sacre Coeur out of our window every morning...

Strolling the streets of Montemarte

Just walking around enjoying the Parisienne life...

Place de Vosges in the Marias...

Or shopping?!
By the way, aren't the photos of Paris amazing?  Head on over to Arnaud Frich's website to see all of his amazing photos of the City of Lights.

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April Killingsworth said...

Hooray!!!! You will LOVE it! You must buy some perfume...amazing perfumeries & you'll remember your trip everytime you wear it. Also you must eat at Bastide d'Opio in the Latin Quarter (nearish Notre Dame). Popular with the locals (Hosea's uncle that lives in Paris recommended it initially) and super cozy & yummy. Can't wait to hear all about it! xo, A.