Monday, February 21, 2011

Memoir Monday

I'm going to try really hard and keep up with the Memoir Mondays.  As always, you can follow along with Mrs. Ruby and play Memoir Mondays on your own blog as well!

This weekend was our annual winter birthday celebration for my sister Kristen, me, and Scott - since all of our birthdays fall within a month of each other.  We usually have joint birthday parties in our family - a Jan-Feb party, a March party, a summer party, fall party, and of course one for my two cousins who were both born on Dec. 25th. They're siblings, but they're not twins.  Weird, I know.

Anyways, on Saturday I cleaned the house and then headed over to my Grandma's house for Pizza, Angel Food Cake, Presents, and Pitch - a family card game tradition.

Only one more year until officially a teenager!

Scotty wasn't quite ready for this photo op.

No, we're not 261, but there was no 7. So thus 26+1.  I'm three weeks older - a fact he will never let me live down.

Whoohoo, Presents!

Thanks for the Euros, Dad!  We'll need them soon!

When you make silly faces, I will post them on the internet.  Ha.

Then Sunday, I started reading my birthday gift from my Uncle Dave and Aunt Lynn (Thanks, guys!):

Of course, I had planned on going to Home Depot on Sunday and picking out paint colors for the living room.  Instead I read this entire novel.  It's the sequel to The Hunger Games that I read last weekend. Now I'm dying for the third and final book!  Also, on Sunday, Scott and I added a new show to our ever growing list:

We watched the first disc of season one.  We just can't start watching a show in the middle. Whoever invented TV on DVD and Netflix is my hero.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well.  I'm already counting down the hours until the next one :).  Happy Monday!

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