Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Living Room Color

So I think we've finally decided on a color for the living room:  Dolphin Fin by Behr. It's always a good idea to google your paint color to see if anyone else has used it and posted pictures (chances are pretty good there's one photo floating around on the interwebs of your paint color on a wall).  Here are the one's I was able to find of Dolphin Fin:
Via DecorPad

Via Design*Sponge

I also laughed when I saw this image:

1. Granite Boulder is the color we currently have in our bedroom.
2. Puddle is the color we currently have in our bathroom (I've gotten lots of compliments on that one!)
3. Dolphin Fin. My, we certainly branch out don't we? 

I'll be sure to post before and after pictures when the room is done, but now I'm taking on the annoying task of priming over our stripes...ugh.

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