Monday, March 14, 2011

Memoir Monday

Ugh, first of all, it's snowing again in Kansas City. I'm giving the shivering fist to winter.  This was a busy, not-so-relaxing weekend.  I've been priming and painting the living room and hallway all week with my Dolphin Fin Gray and I'm SO CLOSE to being done. I had to take a break from that because this weekend we drove to Wichita to visit my and Scott's parents. It's nice having both of our parents in the same city.

Saturday my mom and I ran some errands and I got my hair cut by the only woman I trust to cut my bangs. Then I dragged my mom to World Market - a required stop now when I'm in Wichita because it's literally within walking distance of my parents' house.  I picked up a few things:

I got the short glasses. I've heard they're super delicate so I'll probably use them as votives instead of drinkware.
Can't wait to show you this runner in our finished living room!
I didn't get curtains though, which was my main goal, but I feel like I'm closer to putting the living room together.  Saturday night we saw a movie, The Adjustment Bureau and had dinner at Pacific Coast Pizza with both of our sets of parents. I give both the movie and the dinner an A grade!

Then of course Sunday was spent driving back to Wichita and I got some more painting done. Let's see, there was one more thing....ending up at the emergency vet office for this dog who decided it would be lovely to literally throw up 20 times this weekend:

Dotty, we're glad you're ok, but you owe us $330.  Anyways, I hope you all had lovely weekends. I'm going to try and survive this next round of snow and look forward to the 70 degree temps predicted for Thursday.  Happy Monday everyone!

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