Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seriously, I Need a Rug

I could use some help picking out a rug!  Scott doesn't think we need one, but I feel like my furniture is just floating in the room without one. Plus, I can't tell you how much I would love to remove those furniture sliders/floor protectors from the bottom of our furniture. It's like our coffee table currently has giant gray, furry mouse feet that just attract all the white dog hair in the house.  It's not, to put it lightly, pleasing.  So, if you would be ever so kind as to comment with your suggestions, here are some looks I like. Here's our overall color scheme for the living room again for a reminder:

And now for some awesome quick photoshopping skills!

I realize the sage green couches are hard to tie in, so slipcovers may be in our future. However, they're expensive and never stay in place, so the green might have to stay until we can afford a new sofa.  The simplest solution would be a white or off-white shag rug. I found this one at West Elm, but i know they have some on Overstock and even Lowes for cheaper:

Seriously, how much do you love my mad photoshopping skills?  Here are a couple more from West Elm with simple patterns on them. These photos also include some possible colors I'm considering for painting the dining room table:

And here's one from Overstock (they have a ginormous selection) which will be much more likely affordable than West Elm (also with accompanying possible paint color for table):

What are your thoughts?  Know of any good resources for affordable rugs?  I'd love to hear thoughts and opinions! Don't you love how all my photos of my house are styled with lovely rumpled blankets, dog bones on the furniture, and a hammer on the coffee table?  Yeah, life's not so much magazine-perfect. I like to see houses that look like people actually live there!


April K. said...

i like the west elm ones...but i bet your creative self could also do something cool with FLOR tiles. maybe cheaper to DIY?

Amanda said...

True, maybe easier to clean as well!

Anonymous said...

My favorite was the yellow West Elm with the aqua table color. But, truthfully, I liked them all.