Monday, September 27, 2010

Doily Canvas Monogrammed Bags

So, this bag project has been making the internet rounds for a while now.  Since I'm making many of my Christmas gifts this year, I thought this would be a perfect project to do for the women-folk =).  You can find the original project courtesy of Ashley Ann Photography HERE.

What I used:
Blank white canvas bags from Hobby Lobby
10" package of Doilies
Black Fabric Paint (I also did a couple in Gold Metallic)
Sponge Brushes

Tacky glue and rhinestones

1. You can use a removeable spray adhesive to keep your doily in place on the canvas bag.  BUT I like to live dangerously and therefore used double sided tape.  Also, because I am cheap and didn't want to buy spray adhesive.

2. Paint the inside of the doily with the sponge brush and fabric paint.  Be sure not to use too much paint or it will seep under the pattern.

3. Remove doily carefully once you are finished painting.  Do this as soon as possible so that the doily doesn't stick permanently to the bag.

4. Use a stencil or freehand your letter in the middle of the circle.

5. I used crystals in sporadic places on the black bags for a little extra fun.  I left the gold ones as-is since the paint was already metallic. 

I'm excited for Christmas already!  Can't you tell?  I can't wait to do all my handmade goodies and share them with you!

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