Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SPECIAL: Holiday Card Offer!

If you want special, personalized holiday cards this year, but don't have time to put them together and/or don't want to spend a fortune - I will do them for you!  You can order holiday cards before November 20th, and I will get them designed, printed, and shipped to you, all for the prices listed below.  I will post design options later this week, but wanted to inform you of the deal today!  I can design them to be postcards so all you will have to do is address them and place a stamp on them, or I can do full printing on both sides (but you will need to buy envelopes).  Prices will be as follows:

4x6 Double Sided Cards        5x7 Double Sided Cards
Qty: 25 – $50                           Qty: 25 – $60
Qty: 50 – $75                           Qty: 50 – $85
Qty: 100 – $125                       Qty: 100 – $135

Look for all the designs to be posted soon! 

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