Thursday, December 9, 2010

DIY CRAFT: Recycled T-Shirt Necklace

I saw some of these that were similar on Etsy and decided to try for myself.  This technique could be used for making headbands as well with these braided flower embellishments.  Have fun!  You will need: 1.) Fabric strips 2.) A Hot Glue Gun 3.) Ribbon and 4.) Scrap felt (optional).

1. Cut three lengths of T-shirt fabric.  I used an old red t-shirt and another shirt that had some sparklies on it. Knot all three lengths at one end.

2. Braid all three lengths of fabric together and knot at the other end.

3. Start wrapping the braided piece in a spiral around one knotted end, hot gluing the flower together as you go along.  Make however many flowers you want for your necklace or headband. 

4. I then arranged my flowers in the pattern I wanted them and glued them together.  You can glue them all to a piece of felt backing if you want for a little more stabilization.

5. Add cut ribbon to the back of the necklace, and you're done! Be sure to use a lighter or a no-fray substance on your ribbon so it doesn't fray.  I didn't have any thicker ribbon, which I think would look a lot better.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go back to Hobby Lobby.  Oh the horror!

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