Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Decorations

This is my last post until after the holidays, so I figured I'd share all of my holiday decorations.  Keep in mind our house is bitty, so there's not a whole lot of room to decorate, so I do the best I can.  What I really need is a mantle!  Here are some of my decorations this year:

1. My DIY yarn and felt wreath on our front door.  Luckily it's protected by our glass storm door so it stays nice but it still completely visible.

2. Our little bathroom always needs something. The wire snowman was a $4 Hobby Lobby find and the wire tree was 99¢ at Walgreens.

3. Our Tree (camera flash on).  It's a prelit 7' tree.  Perfect for the size of our house and ceilings! 

4. Our tree (camera flash off - thus the blurry).  I wanted to show how pretty it was all lit up. 

5. Some of my DIY packaging I did this year - now with presents inside!

6. This crazy white thing is a tree branch I found in our yard (probably from one of our huge Elm trees) wrapped in white yarn, placed in a milk glass and covered in big silver star ornaments.  It's a little Tim Burton, but I like it.

7. Coffee table.  More gold wire trees, candles, a big oval bowl with gold ornaments and our Christmas cards we've received so far!

I hope all your holidays are merry and bright!  Enjoy your time with your loved ones!

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