Monday, November 29, 2010

Men's Gift Guide

Here is Part One of my FIRST ANNUAL GIFT GUIDE!  Are the men in your life hard to shop for?  They are in mine!  They never tell me what they want.  I think part of it is because the things they want are usually expensive (think TVs, Video Game Consoles, iPhones, etc.).  Well, I decided to pull all of my gift ideas for the gift guide from Etsy this year.  We should support homemade and small businesses. Plus, all of these gifts aren't usually things you can get at WalMart at 4am.  So, without further ado, some manly gifts...

Price Range: Up to $20

1. Balsam & Cedar Wood Scent Natural Soybean Candle - No frilly vanilla for these manly men!  Plus, these are vegan and eco-friendly.  Every dude needs a nice candle that doesn't inlcude the word "freesia" anywhere.  Plus, at only $5.50, this is a steal.  Offered by Pure Palette.

2. Dark Brown Retro Leather Cuff - It's hard to find "jewelry" that many men would wear. You can't really go wrong with a simple leather cuff.  Only $6!  Offered by GoodLife00.

3. Deer Design Felted Men's Soap - The wool around this soap acts as an exfoliator, which guys need but don't realize it.  Most of them don't want to buy the pink soap "poufs" with girly smelling bath gel.  Problem solved for $16.  Plus, these last much longer than a regular bar of soap.  Offered by Sofino.

4. 6 oz. Bicycle Design Flask - for the lush in your life.  Or those, like my hubby, who prefer their fine gins.  This particular flask will run you only $18.  Offered by WhimsyandInk.

5. Recycled Record Drink Coasters - These modern square coasters are made from old records.  Great for the man cave - don't let the beer cans ruin your nice wood bar!  Or your wife's coffee table.  These coasters will run you $20 for a set of four.  Offered by Retired Records.

Price Range: $25 - $50

1. Funny Mustache Wallet - Because it makes me laugh for only $25! Offered by MartyMay.

2. Darth Vader Wood Burned Art - Definitely more interesting than a movie poster, this is an affordable and unique piece of original art.  There are lots more movie related pieces in this shop from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter.  If your guy likes Star Wars (and really, who doesn't?), this should be perfect for only $35!  Offered by BaconFactory.

Price Range: $75 and Up

1. Hemp Laptop Sleeve - A stylish way to protect your laptop.  This one will run you $75 and is offered by PackandSmooch.  All-natural!

2. Taupe Infinity Scarf - Yes, you'll always see those guys wearing shorts during the winter, but I bet they're dying inside.  Guys need to be cozy and warm, too!  This hand knitted infinity scarf is $75 and is offered by SmittenKittenOrig.

3. Tweed Messenger Bag - for the Dapper Gentleman :).  This bag runs around $113.  Just don't let him wear it with a tweed jacket - that would be tweed overkill.  This bag is made from recycled suits. Offered by SewMuchStyle.

Hope you enjoyed Part 1 - Stay tuned for the Ladies' gift guide later this week!

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