Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DIY CRAFT: Children's Memory Game

So in my quest to make as many Christmas gifts by hand this year as possible, I decided to try to do something cute for my niece and nephew (ages 2 and almost 5).  They don't read this blog, so I'm not worried about spoiling the surprise :).  I decided to make a cute little memory game for each of theme.  The theme for the 2 year old is family faces and will have 8 pairs (16 cards), and the theme for the 5 year old is cowboy/Kansas and will have 16 pairs (32 cards).  You will need:

Scrapbook Paper or Wrapping Paper
Photos or Computer Images printed and cropped to size
Ruler and exacto knife
Rubber Cement

Scrapbook paper comes in 12" square sheets.  I wanted the first game to be fairly easy with only 8 pairs.  I divided the 12" square sheet into 16 individual 4" squares.  Math is fun.  Before I did any cutting, I covered the entire back side of the scrapbook paper with rubber cement and set aside.  I then covered a large portion of black foamcore with rubber cement.  When the pieces were dry, I mounted them together and THEN made all my squares. A corked back ruler and exacto knife makes the cuts clean.  Then I mounted all my images on the opposite sides of the squares using the same dry-mount rubber cement technique.  Overall a pretty simple game.  My husband and I tested it out.  I won...

Now I just need to think of a cute way to package these!

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